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Carolyn is an AMAZING instructor and really gives her students a solid foundation in classical riding. After several years with Carolyn and then having to move across the state, the new trainer couldn't stop complementing Carolyn on what an amazing rock solid foundation she gave my daughter and she will be building on that as we enter the next level of competition. Carolyn also loves her students and works them at their level and puts the time in to get to know them each individually so she can build on their strengths. She gives them the time with the horses to grow the bonds that build their confidence even more. Just cannot say enough about how thankful we are to have had Carolyn for so many wonderful years and we miss her all the time and wish we were back closer to such an amazing instructor with so much talent that she shares and passes onto the next generation but we are so blessed and thankful for the solid foundation she gave my daughter.

We love riding at Crooked Creek. My daughter has ridden at several farms in the area and Crooked Creek is the only one that feels like "home". The trainers are awesome and the horses are happy and well cared for. The facilities are great too and it's an easy barn to get to. I'm so glad we found this place!

Finding a barn home is one of most stressful experiences I've had as a mother. Fortunately, Crooked Creek has everything on my list! A barn home must have professional, experienced, and trustworthy trainers to develop my child's skills as an athlete and compassionate competitor while teaching her to become a capable caregiver for the horses.

Carolyn Duncan's status as a USHJA judge and her dedication to finding & retaining top-notch trainers for her barn were what brought my family to consider Crooked Creek. Once on the property, the contented and beautifully cared for horses, the welcoming family atmosphere and the well-maintained property kept us coming back. Lessons are well planned, challenging and focused. Students are given clear goals for short and long-term progress. The lessons and leasing terms are transparent, fair and considerate for the welfare of both the pony and the rider.

The trainers are honest, accessible & forthcoming people my husband and I trust with the care and coaching of our daughter and her equestrian goals. We are always on the lookout for the kind of positive adult female role models for my pre-teen daughter that we have found at Crooked Creek Farm.

We feel so fortunate to have met Carolyn and become a part of the Crooked Creek family. I love that she is one of the very few USHJA Certified Trainers in the metro area and a judge- you can tell be the excellent care and caliber of the very happy horses. Crooked Creek is the perfect mix of professional dedication and family atmosphere and I can't say enough about the trainers and the opportunities made available for my rider here.

You helped a lot at the jamboree and I'm very thankful

Carolyn -- You've been our trainer since we moved into our new house and we appreciate all the help you given Lauren advancing her skills and supporting her desire to train a green horse. Your patience and persistent teaching has helped Lauren progress over the past 4 years. We love having you as our trainer!

Mrs Carolyn,
It's Anya from the Jamboree. Your classes from there helped us a lot in the State show this past week. Sox and I ended up SR. Reserve Champion in the Hunter division (o/f and flat), Reserve Champion in the entire Dressage division, and getting 2nd in the Medal Equitation class. The lessons I took from you helped a lot! Thanks again!
Anya M.

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